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On our website we explain the history of the Sir Josiah Mason Orphanage (founded 1858) and link to many famous Birmingham history websites that chronicle its foundation and the life and times of the founder.

In fact, it is acknowledged that we all became ‘Masonians’ as a result of attending the ‘O’, recognising the generous patronage of our benefactor and founder. We are also sure that students who attended the separate – and earlier – Mason’s College in Birmingham are also referred to as Old Masonians. In fact the then Headmaster of the ‘O’, E.T.Read, and its organist Alfred Tubb, wrote the school song in 1884 where the words of the chorus refers to us as Masonians:

‘Then hand join hand at duty’s call,
We’ll work and sing together,
If true of heart,
No power can part,
Masonians for ever.’

Furthermore, if you have attended Reunion, you will have seen the rather old ‘Newsletters’ produced by the Orphanage: The Masonian.


Posted May 16, 2012 by sjmo61

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