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If you were a member of the ‘O’ or, maybe, you are just passing, you may like to leave a comment about your experiences of the ‘O’…

You can do so in the ‘leave a reply’ box at the bottom of the screen. When you do so, you will be asked to leave your name and a valid email id. The email id will NOT be displayed to other users but your name will. Your name can be a ‘nickname’ if you wish.


This page will include ‘news topics’ and other posts, which members will be able to comment on and add their points of view.

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible, generally,  to leave photographs. However, if want a picture to accompany the update you can do so by registering for an id with WordPress. You will then be able to add an ‘Avatar’ picture which will accompany all your updates.


Posted May 16, 2012 by sjmo61

6 responses to “Guest Comments & Blog

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  1. Your comments will appear like this – if you have a WordPress id and they will be automatically approved.

  2. This is a comment left by someone who doesn’t have a WordPress account id. In this case you will need to provide an email id and your name. The email id will not be published.

    Philip Franklin
  3. My Dad, brother, husband and I would like to attend the 2015 Reunion on June 27. Can anyone please send me information about the reunion, location, cost time, dress code etc. My father, Robert John Stangroom, lived at SJMO from 1936 – 1941. We currently live in the USA, but we are traveling to England, primarily so Dad can attend the reunion. He has very fond memories of his time at the orphanage. He lived there with his older brother Rupert and was later joined by his older sister, Evelyn, who helped man the front door and his younger brother, who was a toddler at the time. Thank-you for any and all information you might have about the event. Another question, does anyone know a Jack Allen, who was a couple years older than my Dad, but lived at the orphanage around the same years as my Dad. He would love to be in touch with Jack or maybe John, if he is still around. Again, thank-you for any and all information you might have. Sincerely, Sharon Stangroom Plickert

    Sharon Stangroom Plickert
    • Hi Sharon, I’m aware that you have written similar comments on our main OMA website and that our Chairman, Betty foster has been in touch with you about this. You were not to know that this WordPress site is actually our backup site, still under development. That said, we’d love to see you all at reunion on the 27th – and I believe Betty has given you details, as have I on the official website at Kind regards, Philip Franklin. webmaster.

  4. Hello, I am trying to find other masons but don’t know how ? My name was Diane Lord I was at Masons in the 50s can anyone help ?

    • Hi Diane. This site is rally only a test/backup site for the real OMA website which you can find at You might find a few people over there who you knew. If you add an entry in the Guestbook there our Chairman should get to see it and might be able to help.
      Regards, Philip Franklin, webmaster

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