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As a member of SJMO perhaps you’d like to leave some information about who you are and your experience of your time at the ‘O’.

You can do so in the ‘leave a reply’ box at the bottom of the screen. When you do so, you will be asked to leave your name and a valid email id. The email id will NOT be displayed to other users but your name will. Your name can be a ‘nickname’ if you wish.


Please let us know your joining/leaving years and, if you remember, your ‘O’ number.

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible, generally,  to leave photographs. However, if want a picture to accompany the update you can do so by registering for an id with WordPress. You will then be able to add an ‘Avatar’ picture which will accompany all your updates.


Posted May 16, 2012 by sjmo61

10 responses to “Members of the ‘O’

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  1. Anita Troth (nee Penn):

    I left SJM’s in 1960 it was in the summer l had been at my Aunts for the holidays and my father met my sister and l off the train telling us we were not returning to the orphanage but going to Worcester instead. We went to Fort Royal Children’s home, Worcester, my one brother, my sister, and l. l never saw my oldest brother again till l was 17yrs old;
    On leaving the Children’s. home at the age of almost 17yrs old I worked for Kay’s of Worcester, and after work l went to night school to learn typing and bookkeeping. This enabled me to get a job in the export office of Lea & Perrins,
    Years past and l longed for more knowledge and went on to University. After University l worked in an office environment mostly and also did counselling working with people of all ages but at times it could be very stressful working with young adults and those who were grieving.
    l considered changing my career so l went on to collage for 5yrs now l am a trained Beauty therapist, also a Nail Technician, I love talking to people and l enjoy making people happy so now at last l think that l have found my true calling as l love doing my job.

  2. Philip Franklin – Boy number 61. 1953-1960

    I joined the ‘O’ in Sept 1953 along with my twin brother Richard and older brother, Nick, and left when it was closed in December 1960.

    From ’56 to ’60 I was a pupil at Central Grammar School and when the ‘O’ closed I elected to join the RAF and spent 12 years as an Air Wireless Mechanic (later to be an Air Electronics Fitter) working on the early computerised radar systems.

    Following demob I joined IBM where I spent 28 years before taking early retirement from a position as a Senior Systems Management IT Specialist.

  3. Pat Hills (nee Winstanley) No:25 1953-1957

    I and my two brothers Peter and Christopher sttended SJM – My brother Peter has attended a couple of reunions. I would love to hear from other people who attended at the same time and discuss our days and nights at SJMO.

    Pat Hills (nee Winstanley)
    • Hi Pat! Congratulations! You are the first real OMA user to comment at the new OMA website. This is a website I have set up on WordPress after it became clear that WEBS, who host our primary website at are as likely to drop it without notice and no come back. In time, I hope to develop this site to be as complete as the original so that I don’t have to depend on WEBS. I hope you like it.
      All the very best, Philip Franklin.

      PS: I have no knowledge of what happened to Mr Hall. I once met him in 1962 while I was studying electronics int he RAF. He was taking a load of schoolboys round the base I was on. I don’t know what school he was representing but I do remember the beatings he gave me…

  4. How lovely to hear from you Philip. I came across all the information with regards SJM from Peter and have the 1953 school photo I can just see me with the white bow all the girls had to wear. I am a little confused with the website I have for OMA user but I am sure I will learn. I will be returning to UK in January as I lost my husband in April and will be nearer my family. I would love to hear comments from the other people that where at the school I see from an old directory that John Penn name there I remember him because we had the same birthdays and still have a picture of Peter and I at sports day and we were in the Cambridge team Peter won the cross country and Mr Hall presented him with a watch the only decent thing he did. Do you still have the reunions? Keep in touch regards Pat

    ps/ did Mr hall remeber you? Peter never forgot him!!!

  5. Hi, I along with my sister and brother were borders Sir Josiah Mason from 1938 till 1947. I would very much like to join you at the next reunion, also receive any other news re. the school. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Terry Hill

    • Hi Terence! Good to hear from you. We have reunion on the last Saturday of June every year. Most years – and next – are at the Tally Ho! in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Let us know if you plan to attend and i’ll give you more info nearer the day. Cheers, Philip Franklin

  6. Have you any more information re.old masonians dating from 1947 – 1954

    joy (nee Jackson}Date
    • Hi Joy. This particular website is really just an experimental one which I am developing in case the main one disappears. If you take a look at you should find more info there.

      Regard, Philip Franklin

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