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Select the year of reunion you would like to re-visit. We shall display as many reunion pictures as space allows…


Posted May 17, 2012 by sjmo61

2 responses to “Reunions

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  1. Is there a reunion this year? (2015) I was under the impression there was reunion on June 21st, but I cannot seem to find the information now. If there is one, can you please let us know where and when it is. I am trying to bring my Dad, Robert Stangroom, who lived there from 1936 – 1941. He lived there with his older brother, Rupert and eventually his sister and younger brother joined them. (Evelyn and Gerald).

    Sharon Stangroom Plickert
    • Hi Sharon – this is a first! You have raised a comment on my stand-by OMA site at WordPress. At least I now know that it works! (I built the site in the event that the WEBS site should disappear – they ‘lost’ one of my earlier sites once – and it sits in WordPress just in case)
      But please, use the SJMO.WEBS.COM site for future communications.
      All the very best, Philip Franklin.

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